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Wow, best of the week!

2009-02-26 19:45:59 by DoctorAttitude

Wow, thanks for all the reviews guys, I'm glad you enjoy my track Mediocrity Transcends!

Also, this is my first best track of the week, it's crazy, didn't expect this to happen.

Keep listening and I'll keep writing guys, thanks to you out there who come to check out my songs.

Wow, so I got best of all time slot 9, that would be my first track. It's ironic that it's one of my least favorite tracks, but I suppose it's going to be what happens when you add an amen and some glitch with a 2 step pattern.

Thanks everyone who voted and downloaded, as well as listened, but I beg you to check out some of my newer tunes, preferably Insight!


Simply titled, Remember Yesterday.

I don't normally post my orchestral arrangements, but this one means a lot to me.

I felt in the past, I was unusually incapable of putting my feelings into music. But here I am, and some complex emotions of reflection just came out in the new title.

I have a synopsis if you're interested, other than that, I hope I can simply communicate those feelings to anyone else who listens.

Fans, thanks for listening, friends, thanks for listening, everyone else...



So I'm here!

2008-05-03 22:52:27 by DoctorAttitude

I feel I should start posting in here!

I've added quite a few tunes since my last post, and have quite a few in the works... lately I find myself taking everything a slightly different approach; but I try to not make any two of my songs similiar anyways, so I guess that's to be expected.

In the news category, I'm composing the score for a short that's getting done by some production company. At first I thought it was some silly college project, but it actually is pretty professionally filmed, I'll definitely have to link the finished project once they mix everything down!

Also, I've been making some heavily orchestral arrangements, outside of my electronic genere, I might post those up here later too.

Give me some feedback guys! Other than my personal friends I haven't been getting any reviews! What's with that?! Haha

take it easy, and thanks for listening.


This is my account!

2008-04-03 04:43:12 by DoctorAttitude

It asked me politely to make a new post, so I think I will.

:) Anyone who sees this, if they like my music, hit up my aim! I'm always looking for new fellows to chat with.